Visiting Lapland: Home of Huskies, Reindeer and the Aurora Borealis

(This is the article by my son wrote that I promised to post in my last entry.)

By Lucas Shaw Delorme

Our family travels a lot. This time we took a special trip. We went to Lapland, which is in the Arctic Circle. While we were there, we visited huskies, went on a sled pulled by reindeer and saw the Northern Lights.

Visiting a Husky Farm

IMG_6996Mom decided that we should take a bus to a Husky farm. There we saw at least 100 racing dogs. On one side of the Husky farm, there was a sled with wheels!!! It was hilarious when they were attaching the last dogs to the sled because the dogs were barking, chewing, even running….knowing that they couldn’t run because the front of the sled was attached to a tree.   Once we were on the sled, the dogs were unleashed and dashed off. They had to pull heavy weights for at least 200 km before they would calm down. After that, we went to the puppy kindergarten. There were two dogs I liked, one was named Butch, and the other didn’t have a name. So soon after that I named him “Snow” because he was white.

Reindeer Riding

IMG_6962The next day we went to a place that offered sled rides pulled by reindeer. The guide said reindeer live until they become 12 to 15 years old.   The name of our reindeer was “Crazy Man” or “Hillbilly” in Finnish. The reason was that he was always full of energy.

Northern Lights Safari

When we saw the aurora borealis, it looked like a green fog. The guide said that the aurora borealis was formed by the solar winds and the earth’s magnitism. The guide also said there was a myth about the northern lights. It was called “The Legend of the Firefox”, he said that it was very rare and whoever saw the firefox would go mad. When the firefox danced it created the aurora borealis by striking it’s tale on the snow.

Finland was great. I loved it. I’d love to come back and I don’t think I am the only one.

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