The London Film Festival: View from a 7 Year old

The Days I Went to the BFI London Film Festival

by Sebastien Delorme

I went to the London Film Festival on Friday, the 7th of October and Saturday the 8th of October. On Friday, I saw Trolls: Behind the Scenes. On Saturday, I saw Trolls: the Movie.

At Trolls: Behind the Scenes therimg_0142e were the producers and directors of Trolls: Mike Mitchell, Walt Dohrn, Gina Shay, Bonnie Arnold and Mireille Sonia. They told me that they broke every Disney Princess rule to make the character of Princess Poppy and and that their computer didn’t know what glitter was.   They asked us questions about Dreamworks and their movies, and I answered one so I won a prize. It was a poster of “Trolls”.

The next day I saw Trolls: the Movie. I liked the movie. I went with my friends and I had a great time. My favourite parts were when they were in the pot an
d they sang “True Colours” and when they were in the castle and they sang “Can’t Stop the Feeling”.   I also like when you see Branch’s past.  At the end of the movie, I asked the producers and directors what gave them the idea of colours fading away when the trolls didn’t have any hope. They said that the idea of the song “True Colours” gave them the idea


It was a fantastic experience. I would love to go back to the London Film Festival

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